Prof Rustin is an experienced dermatologist who delights in diagnosing and treating patients of all ages with skin diseases in an efficient and caring manner.

He has a particular interest in inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and blistering disorders, complex medical dermatological problems, as well as skin tumours.

Prof Rustin trained at the Middlesex Hospital and this included a BSc in immunology under the direction of Prof Ivan Roitt. He completed an MD thesis from the University of London entitled 'vascular abnormalities in systemic sclerosis' in the laboratory of Prof Pauline Dowd.

He trained in dermatology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and at the Middlesex and University College Hospitals, London and was appointed consultant dermatologist at the Royal Free Hospital in 1989.

Prof Rustin has developed a clinical and research interest in atopic eczema, working closely with Prof Arne Akbar in the department of immunology. He is author of over 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has supervised four MD and eight PhD theses.



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Prof Rustin's research interest is immunology of the skin.