Prof Caplin is professor of gastroenterology and GI neuroendocrinology at the Royal Free Hospital and University College London.

He leads the Royal Free ENETS Centre of Excellence, including research programmes into neuroendocrine tumours. He was a founder member of ENETS in 2004 and elected chairman from 2014-2016, now serving on its advisory board.

Prof Caplin is the founder and past chairman of the UK & Ireland Neuroendocrine Tumour Society and received a lifetime achievement award from UKI NETS.

He is past chairman of the National Cancer Research Institute NET group and is currently chairman of the European Union Reference Network for Rare Cancers Neuroendocrine Tumour Group.

He is a patron of the NET Patient Foundation and has published over 200 peer review papers, written multiple book chapters and co-authored two books.

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