Patients can be identified as having kidney issues following blood and urine tests. 

Referrals to our kidney clinics are received from GPs, other hospital services and kidney specialists.

The team at the Royal Free Hospital work closely with colleagues at Whittington Hospital and North Middlesex University Hospital to care for patients throughout north London.

Clinics are undertaken by our renowned team of specialist renal consultants, and we treat a wide range of kidney conditions in specialist clinics:

At your first appointment, the focus is on diagnosing the cause of your kidney disease, so we will meet you and talk you through a set of initial tests.

These are vital in helping us diagnose your kidney problem so we can develop a specific treatment plan that works for you. 

As well as having your blood pressure taken, you are likely to have:

  • a urine test
  • blood tests 

Sometimes, you will be asked to provide these in advance of clinic and appointments. 

Please remember to bring any medications that you may be taking to your first appointment.
Following review of the results, your consultant will decide whether you require a: 

  • kidney scan (an ultrasound scan can help us evaluate the size of the kidneys and whether or not there are any obstructions, stones or scarring)
  • kidney biopsy (where a tiny sample of the kidney is removed under local anaesthetic. This can usually be carried out in the day ward, so you do not have to have an overnight stay in hospital

Once an assessment has been made, your ongoing care may be transferred to one of our specialist clinics, which are run by consultants alongside specialist nurses

We offer a renal nurse and kidney specialist-led service at our clinics, providing expert care to patients with advanced and progressive chronic kidney disease (CKD). 

Our specialist renal nurses and doctors work alongside dieticians, social workers, psychologists, your GP, and of course you and your family or carer, to manage your kidney problems.

Management of CKD

We provide treatment for many CKD-related kidney problems in our clinics, such as:

  • further monitoring and stabilisation of your kidney function
  • management of any associated symptoms or complications you may have
  • blood count management
  • your general health and wellbeing
  • preparation for kidney dialysis
  • assessing whether you are physically fit enough for a kidney transplant
  • help and advice if you choose not to have dialysis

CKD clinic locations

Our clinics for treating kidney problems that are a result of chronic kidney disease are run at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital. 

We also have clinics at: 

  • Edgware Kidney Care Centre
  • St Pancras Kidney and Diabetes Centre
  • Tottenham Hale Kidney Centre

The Royal Free Hospital clinics are in the Kidney and Urology Centre, on the third floor of the hospital.