Our services

We provide detailed and accurate representations of various aspects of healthcare, including:

Medical photography

Representational patient imaging to document patients’ medical conditions, injuries, or surgical procedures. These records track the progression of conditions, and assessing treatment outcomes.


Diagnostic photographs are taken of dermatology patients in an outpatients or community setting, with the photographs reviewed by the dermatology team to provide rapid treatment and reduce waiting times.

3D photography

Typical uses include surgical planning, treatment assessment, and clinical trials.


Recording facial movement for patients with facial palsy, surgical procedures, and gait analysis.

Clinical trials 

Photography, videography, and 3D photography as part of clinical trials.

Private patient photography 

Photography for private patients referred by their consultant on an appointment basis.

Medicolegal photography

Medicolegal photography is at the request of your solicitor. These records can be used during legal proceedings to illustrate your case. 

NHS patients are referred to our service by their clinician, who will provide patients with a medical photography consent form.

We operate a walk-in service at the Royal Free Hospital located in clinic 8.

Patients are referred to medical photography by their clinician who will provide the patient with a medical photography consent form.