Pathologists specialise in the detection of disease using a variety of investigative techniques. 

The work done by pathologists can be vital in finding an accurate diagnosis and improving the prospects for treatment. 

Pathologists also play an important role in identifying the sources of disease and reducing the possible risks of further spread.

The team offer a range of routine profiles and tests linked to a rapid results service. Specialist tests are also available. 

Consultant pathologists and some clinical scientists provide clinical advice and interpretation

Our cellular pathology service receives more than 60,000 surgical specimens and 5,000 diagnostic cytology (cells from bodily tissues or fluids) specimens per year from Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital, and North Middlesex University Hospital. 

The cellular pathology department is located at the Royal Free Hospital.

Laboratory services are provided by Health Services Laboratories (HSL), which is jointly owned by the Royal Free, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the private partner, The Doctors Laboratory. 

The majority of tissue processing and slide preparation is undertaken at HSL’s laboratory, which is located in central London.