Amyloidosis treatment at the Royal Free: what is amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused by abnormal deposition and accumulation of proteins in the tissues of the body. There are many different types of amyloidosis. Each type has different causes, different symptoms and different treatments.

The National Amyloidosis Centre (the NAC) at the Royal Free Hospital has been at the cutting edge of treatment and research into all aspects of amyloidosis for over 25 years and is responsible for the UK national caseload of amyloidosis.

The consultants at the NAC follow all patients regularly and maintain close contact with other physicians involved in their management to ensure that they receive the best and most effective treatments available.

Visit the UCL website for more information on the National Amyloidosis Centre and for more information on amyloidosis.


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Referral letters should be addressed to either Professor Philip Hawkins, Dr Julian Gillmore, Dr Helen Lachmann or Dr Ashutosh Wechalekar at the address below:

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