Breast reconstruction options

What breast reconstruction options does the Royal Free London provide?

We provide a full range of breast reconstruction options. Your breast surgeon will advise whether the surgery can be performed as part of your mastectomy, or at a later date. For example, when you have finished chemotherapy for breast cancer. 

An example of the breast reconstruction options we provide are:

  • artificial breast implants, made of silicone gel or saline (sterile salt water)
  • breast mound implants, made from your own body or breast tissue
  • a combination of artificial breast implant and body tissue reconstruction.

Choosing the right breast reconstruction option for you

Our oncologists will discuss the most appropriate breast reconstruction option for you. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of breast implant, depending on your personal circumstances.

For example, an artificial breast implant is the simplest form of breast reconstruction, but can cause long-term issues because the implant is unknown to your body. It is also not suitable for patients who will require radiotherapy following the treatment. Tissue reconstructions will leave you with two scars – but will feel more natural. 

Where do I go for breast screening or reconstruction surgery at the Royal Free Hospital?

The breast reconstruction surgery service at the Royal Free Hospital delivers out-patient care from the breast clinic on the first floor. In-patient beds are located on 5 North A ward, for those who need to be admitted to hospital for their breast reconstruction. The team also makes use of the day surgery unit. The breast clinic offices are on the ninth floor, within the surgery department.