Cardiology is the branch of medicine that studies and deals with heart problems.

You might visit the cardiology department at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust to receive investigation and treatment for heart conditions, such as:

  • cardiovascular disease, for example, coronary heart disease that affects the blood vessels to the heart
  • heart disease, for example, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) or heart failure

You would also see a cardiologist during treatment for a heart attack, or if you have a heart murmur. 

Heart disease treatment and cardiology services at Barnet, Chase Farm and the Royal Free hospitals

The Royal Free London cardiology department provides a comprehensive service for clinic and ward patients at our hospitals. This means we treat day patients and those who need to be admitted to hospital overnight or for several days, through:

  • an ECG service, 24-hour ECG and blood pressure monitoring, exercise testing, 2D/3D transthoracic echocardiogram and stress echocardiogram facilities
  • cardiac catheterisation, and permanent pacemaker and ICD implantation and follow-up care
  • a rapid access chest pain clinic, arrhythmia clinics, heart improvement clinic and hospital and community rehabilitation services
  • heart failure clinics

For more information on our world class heart attack care and cardiology referrals and research, please see the left hand navigation. 


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Referral details

Referrals to the cardiology team can be made via a GP or hospital doctor. We regret we cannot see patients without an appointment. Electronic referrals from a GP may be made through the 'choose and book' system. Tertiary referrals (from other hospital consultants) are also available.

Referrals to the cardiology team will be reviewed by a clinician and one of the following next steps will take place:

  1. You will receive an out-patient appointment at one of our hospitals
  2. You will receive an appointment for a test or an investigation before your first out-patient appointment. This means faster diagnosis and treatment
  3. You and your GP will receive a letter explaining how best to manage your symptoms. One of our clinicians has reviewed your symptoms and does not think you need to attend an out-patient appointment

A referral from your GP will not automatically lead to an out-patient appointment at one of our hospitals. Further information about what to expect when you are referred to the Royal Free London can be found on our out-patient page.

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