Eating disorder care

There are two main components to our service:

  1. Out-patients, where the majority of our patients are treated. Find out about eating disorder treatments.
  2. Eating disorder intensive service (EDIS) for our more unwell patients.

Our eating disorder intensive service provides outreach meal support and brief paediatric ward admissions as in-patients or day patients to a dedicated area of our paediatric ward. In addition, patients in the EDIS receive the full range of out-patient treatments at a higher intensity, eg more frequent family therapy appointments and consultant reviews.

EDIS: paediatric ward admissions

EDIS admissions to our paediatric ward are for medical stabilisation and re-feeding. These are for young people who have been very undernourished and physically compromised. We aim to discharge young people home as soon as possible. While they are on the ward we will encourage them to have as much time at home as they can manage.

EDIS: outreach meal support

Outreach meal support involves members of the EDIS working with young people at home, school, or in other places in their community where they are having difficulties eating. The outreach work is targeted, time-limited, goal focused and regularly reviewed. This always occurs in combination with out-patient treatment.

Whereas young people in eating disorder units are essentially learning to eat in hospital, we believe outreach meal support helps young people to eat where it matters most – at home, school or in the community.