Children’s diabetes clinics

Treating diabetes in children at Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust children's diabetes clinic is run by a multidisciplinary team that includes paediatric nurses, paediatric doctors (paediatricians) and dieticians.

Regular clinics are held at Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital where children under age 16 years are seen quarterly. 

Adolescent diabetes clinics, for those over 16, are also held at Barnet Hospital once a month. 

At the children’s diabetes clinic  our young patients can:

  • have their haemoglobin (HbA1c) measured and take other diabetes blood tests
  • discuss their diabetes management and have access to members of the team for diabetes advice and information
  • take annual blood tests for thyroid function and celiac screening 
  • be screened for signs of diabetes in children, to catch the condition early
  • be screened for diabetes-related complications , after the age of 12
  • learn carbohydrate counting and dose-adjustment
  • take part in group sessions for families to learn carbohydrate counting.

A Royal Free diabetes specialist may also visit the child and family at home or any other appropriate setting to provide on-going education and support outside our hospitals.

Our specialists work with education and early years providers to provide education and support for children’s diabetes in these settings.