Newborn hearing screening programme

Having a baby can be an exciting experience but also one filled with uncertainty – especially for new parents.

To support the safe development of our community’s babies and the security of their parents, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust provides a newborn hearing screening programme.

Early identification of hearing loss is important for baby development. This test allows babies with hearing loss to be identified at the earliest opportunity.

The newborn hearing screening programme offers hearing screening and baby hearing tests to babies born across north central London. We have newborn screening teams based at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

We know that some babies are at a higher risk of hearing loss and therefore offer newborn hearing screening to any baby who requires a stay of more than forty-eight hours on the special care baby unit.

Neonatal hearing screening is provided seven days a week, with the aim to screen as many babies as possible. This baby hearing test is simple, safe and painless.

Home births and any babies missed as in-patients will be offered an appointment in one of our community clinics across north London within four weeks of birth.