​Insulin pump service

What is an insulin pump?

An insulin pump is a small electronic device, similar in size to a pager or small mobile phone. Instead of using multiple daily injections of long-acting and rapid-acting insulins, an insulin pump uses only rapid-acting insulin to provide tiny pulses of insulin every few minutes (as your long-acting insulin) and a larger bolus to cover food or correction doses. Because the tiny pulses and boluses can be adjusted quickly, an insulin pump is able to mimic a normal pancreas's insulin production compared to injections.

More information on insulin pump therapy is available from Diabetes UK.

What do I need to do to get ready for an insulin pump?

An insulin pump isn’t the right choice for everybody - it requires a good understanding of diabetes and lot of work. If you are motivated and willing to take control of your diabetes, you will get the great benefits of using a pump.

  • Carbohydrate counting is essential – speak to your dietitian if you would like a session on this.
  • You need to be doing at least four blood glucose tests every day and be aware of how to manage diabetes during illness, exercise and other situations.
  • If you have access to a computer at home:
    • Upload your blood glucose meter to Diasend between clinic visits. The software can be used on PC/laptop or Apple Mac. Add a clinic code to share your meter readings with the team:
      • Barnet: 74-06002
      • Chase Farm: 95-30192
      • Royal Free: 57-12185
    • Alternatively if you use Freestyle Libre, you can send your Libre PDF reports to the team via email.
  • Attend an Insulin Pump information evening to find out more about what’s involved – speak to your diabetes nurse for more information.
  • Have a look at the insulin pumps we have on offer: