Fatigue service


The Royal Free London fatigue service provides assessment and treatment for people experiencing fatigue symptoms. Fatigue can present in different ways and the team is involved with the care and rehabilitation for people with:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)
  • Post viral fatigue
  • Fatigue due to other health conditions 


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Referral details

The fatigue service is currently not accepting any new referrals. Any queries should be directed to: rfh-tr.fatigueservice@nhs.net

The referral process

Your referral will have to be made by your GP. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept self-referrals. We will assess the information your GP has provided and, if necessary, discuss your case with him/her. We will then either accept the referral or make suggestions for a referral to other services if we feel that this is more appropriate (for example, to a sleep clinic if a primary sleep disorder is the most likely diagnosis). We have a detailed transition protocol to ensure that if you are referred from children or adolescent services the transfer is as seamless as possible.

Once your referral has been accepted

You will be sent an appointment for an initial assessment with our doctor. Your appointment is made by a member of our administration team, if you have any queries you can call them directly on 020 7599 1717.

We will send you a letter requesting that you attend the Royal Free Hospital 2-3 weeks before your appointment for blood tests, although we are aware that you may have already had tests done at your GP practice. It is important that you have these done as we want to make sure we provide a correct diagnosis. You might be aware that there is no test that confirms the diagnosis of CFS/ME, and therefore we have to exclude any other causes for your symptoms. If there are less than three weeks prior to your appointment date, please have the tests done as soon as possible

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