Community gynaecology

The services provided by our community gynaecologists include:

  • Contraceptive advice – this is a self or doctor referral and the clinic is held on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. Counselling and provision of different contraceptive choices such as contraceptive pills, contraceptive injections, coils (IUD and IUS), implants, diaphragms and condoms are offered.
  • Menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and specialist psychosexual clinic – this a doctor referral only.
  • Termination of pregnancy – this is a GP/family planning clinic referral. This offers pre-assessment and counselling. We are also a tertiary referral centre for management of patients with complicated medical problems.
  • Emergency contraception – this is a walk in service.
  • Cervical screening on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

Community gynaecology for the Camden area can be accessed directly from Pond Street and is located next to the Marlborough clinic. Community gynaecology is open Monday-Friday.

For further advice call 020 7830 2495 or 020 7794 0500 ext 37087/37089.