Amenity rooms

Mothers with Covid-19 are prioritised for these rooms. 

The thought of coming into hospital can be a little daunting. We want to make your stay comfortable and are aware that many women would prefer the added comfort and privacy of a single amenity room during their stay.

At Barnet Hospital we have three types of amenity rooms. Amenity rooms are available for women who wish to book a room and ensure they have extra privacy after they have given birth. You will be treated as an NHS patient but are paying for the privacy of a single room.

  • Side room only, no ensuite facilities: £100
  • Side room with toilet facilities: £125
  • Side room with full ensuite facilities: £150

When you are admitted in labour please ask your midwife to check for availability. These rooms are booked on a 'first come first served' basis and rooms are subject to availability. Prices are per night and payment can be made by credit/debit card and paid on a daily basis.

Please note:

  • Food is only provided for the new mum.
  • If your clinical condition declines you will be moved out of the amenity room to allow staff to observe you more closely.
  • If the amenity room is required for the clinical need of another woman, she will take priority. In this instance any advance payment will be refunded.
  • Payment is for the room only and does not constitute private midwifery or medical treatment/care.