Antenatal screening

All expectant mothers who are having their antenatal care at the Royal Free London are offered routine antenatal screening tests, which conform to national standards. Our screening tests include:

  • screening for infectious diseases including HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis and rubella
  • routine screening for Down’s syndrome is offered to all pregnant women from 11 weeks and two days' gestation, up to 20 weeks' gestation
  • a fetal anomaly scan offered at approximately 20 weeks' gestation to check for possible physical abnormalites with the baby.

Further information about all routine antenatal screening during pregnancy is available from the National Screening Committee booklet:

Antenatal screening tests for you and your baby

More information on the mid-pregnancy fetal anomaly scan can be found in the booklet:

Having a mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan.

Image: the Heath Birth Centre