Consultant-led delivery suites

Our consultant-led delivery suites are for women or babies experiencing complications during pregnancy or labour, or for women who have medical problems requiring specialist care. We have delivery suites at Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

We advise expectant mothers to give birth in a delivery suite if you:

  • go into labour before 37 weeks
  • require a Caesarean or an epidural
  • have had medical or obstetric complications during your current or previous pregnancy that make giving birth on the delivery suite safer for you and/or your baby

A team of healthcare professionals including midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists, paediatricians and healthcare assistants provide care, including a 24 hour epidural service if required. We also have student midwives and medical students on clinical placements working under the supervision.

Please note that we normally recommend no more than two birthing partners.

Barnet Hospital delivery suite

The delivery suite at Barnet Hospital is situated on the second floor of the main hospital. We have:

  • 13 birthing rooms with either private or shared ensuite facilities
  • two obstetric theatres
  • a four-bed theatre recovery area
  • a two-bed close observation unit
  • a birthing pool

Royal Free Hospital delivery suite

The delivery suite at the Royal Free Hospital is situated on the 5th floor. We have:

  • five birthing rooms
  • a three-bed close observation maternity assessment unit
  • two obstetric theatres