Infant feeding team

All our midwives and healthcare assistants are trained in infant feeding and are able to offer you support and advice when you need it.

We also have specialist midwives who can:

  • make a plan with you during pregnancy if you have concerns about feeding your baby or health problems that may make feeding more challenging
  • help you in the hospital after the birth if you or your baby are having difficulties with feeding that the midwife team on the ward cannot help with
  • support you in establishing breastfeeding if your baby is in the neonatal unit here, whether or not your baby was born at one of our hospitals
  • offer you advice and support after you and your baby have been discharged from hospital either over the phone or in person.

If you feel we could offer you some additional breastfeeding support, please get in touch.

Find out about the NHS approved app, Breast Start.