Giving birth: what to bring

When preparing to come to the birth centre or delivery suite for the birth of your baby, please bring sufficient clothes and personal items for the six hours to two days following the birth of your baby. The following list gives you some suggestions of items that may be useful.

What to bring for you

  • comfortable, loose clothing to wear while giving birth
  • comfortable, loose clothing to wear when you go home
  • toiletries
  • personal items, including tissues, music, massage oils, a pillow, water spray, lip salve, camera
  • snacks and isotonic drinks, magazines, newspapers, puzzles, etc
  • breast pads and maternity pads
  • support bra to wear while breastfeeding

What to bring for your baby

  • clothing
  • baby bath towel
  • nappies
  • cotton wool
  • baby blanket
  • car seat to go home in