Planned caesarean section

If you are having a planned caesarean section you will be asked to attend the maternity day assessment unit two working days before the date of your caesarean and you will be seen by a midwife, a doctor and an anaesthetist. They will assess you and your baby and complete all of the necessary procedures to ensure you are prepared.

There will be time for any of your questions to be answered so please do ask if you are not sure about something.

On the day of the procedure you will be asked to attend the maternity day assessment unit in the morning where you will be allocated a time. You will wait in the unit until it is time for your Caesarean section.

Enhanced recovery programme

We run an enhanced recovery programme for patients having planned caesarean sections in order to improve the experience for mothers and a reduce medical complications. The programme facilitates the early return of normal functions for those undergoing uncomplicated, planned Caesarean sections.

The programme involves:

  • encouragement of early skin-to-skin contact
  • eating and drinking within two hours of your Caesarean
  • getting out of bed and walking from six hours after your Caesarean
  • removal of the urinary catheter once you are able to get out of bed
  • prioritising of postnatal baby checks

Most women feel ready to go home the day after their planned Caesarean section and are allowed to do so if they wish. If you do go home early, there is additional community follow up available.

If you would like more information on the enhanced recovery programme, please speak to your midwife or another member of our team.