Movement disorders


The movement disorders service offers a multi-disciplinary assessment for people with movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonism, dystonia, tremor, tics, gait and balance disorders.

Out-patient clinics are held at the Royal Free Hospital and led by consultant neurologists specialising in movement disorders and neuro-genetics. They are supported by a Parkinson’s nurse specialist, the neurosciences team and the speech and language team. We have five Parkinson's specialist consultant neurologists running 8-10 specialist clinics each month. Our health services for elderly people consultant, who has a specialist interest in Parkinson’s, runs a weekly clinic at the Royal Free Hospital and a Parkinson’s clinic is also held twice a month at Chase Farm Hospital.

If you are already taking medication, we always suggest you bring a list of all your medications, dosages and timings with you when you come to clinic. This is very useful for all the clinical staff to be able to help you quickly.

The specialist team carry out research into many aspects of Parkinson’s and related conditions, offering people the opportunity to be involved in research which we hope will improve the treatment of these conditions.

We are part of the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network and consultant Professor Anette Schrag is the lead for north London.


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