Radioactive iodine therapy: videos

Radioactive iodine therapy is one of the treatments provided by the nuclear medicine service and is for patients with hyperthyroidism (those who have an overactive thyroid gland). It has been successfully used since the early 1940’s and has an excellent safety record. Some patients can be nervous about having a treatment using radioactive substances so these videos were made to provide a fully comprehensive package of information to help patients better understand the process and the treatment they will be undertaking.

Radioactive iodine therapy: an introduction

This video shows a typical patient journey, detailing the procedures that you'll go through and hopefully answering many of the questions you may have about radioactive iodine therapy. The video is six minutes long.

Radioactive iodine therapy: further information

This video explains in more detail how the treatment works and what it will mean for you in practice, such as the precautions you will need to take afterwards. It is eleven minutes long.