Child development team (Mosaic)

The child development team (CDT) is a multi-disciplinary team for children under five with more significant developmental/health needs. The multi-disciplinary team includes occupational therapists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and a specialist health visitor. As the CDT is part of the integrated service for disabled children (also called Mosaic), we work very closely with the disabled children’s team of social workers and CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services).

What services are offered?

A multi-disciplinary assessment of your child’s development and functional needs will be undertaken, of which the occupational therapist is a part. Areas which your occupational therapist may assess include:

  • movement skills as applied to childhood activities 
  • self help skills such as feeding, dressing and toileting
  • play ability
  • responses to sensory information
  • pre-school/nursery related skills


Much of the intervention provided is done jointly with other members of the team in order to provide a well-coordinated and client-centred service. Sessions can be offered in clinics based at Kentish Town health centre, the home environment, as well as the nursery and other community settings. We work closely with parents, carers and teaching staff to identify their priorities for intervention. Interventions can include:

  • direct coaching and ‘modelling’ sessions with the OT 
  • home and nursery programmes to integrate treatment activities and strategies into real life situations
  • consultation and training for parents and nursery staff
  • regular reviews of the child’s progress
  • supporting young children as they start at nursery and supporting nursery staff to manage the child’s specific needs.
  • providing equipment when necessary at home and in nursery. We work very closely with social care occupational therapists to address any housing, equipment and adaptation needs.