Parents and teachers

The occupational therapy service for children and young people has developed a number of useful resources and information sheets aimed at parents and teachers to provide advice and additional information on popular topics we often get asked about. In this section we aim to include useful information on how to support a child or young person with special needs at school, at home and in other relevant community environments, from an occupational therapy perspective.

We also have a page of useful websites we have found helpful in our practice and that we often recommend to students, parents and teachers. Specific information on how occupational therapists may be able to help for different medical conditions is also included.

Read our information for SENCOs.

Helpful Online Links with OT Resources and Activities for Children and Young People with SEND to access at home

Paediatric occupational therapy consent form
If you are seeing the occupational therapist for input or occupational therapy assessment, please complete the paediatric occupational therapy consent form. You should bring the completed form to your child's appointment. The occupational therapist will countersign the form and then add it to your child's electronic health record.

Your feedback

We really value your feedback on the services we provide as we strive for best practice and full involvement from our clients and their families. Please download and complete our user feedback questionnaire to help us improve our service in the future. You can return the questionnaire to us by handing it in at reception or directly to an occupational therapist.

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