Specialist services

Children and young people living in Camden can also be referred to specialist occupational therapy services as required. Specialist occupational therapists may use specific assessments or interventions to address the particular needs of some children and young people in their care.

These services will look in more detail at some of the challenges the child or young person experiences when they participate in daily activities. Some occupational therapists will have advanced training and expertise in a number of areas including neonatal care, upper limb management, sensory integration therapy, neurodevelopmental assessments, digital assistive technology, etc. Where necessary these specialist professionals can assess and advise on the use of specialist intervention and equipment to complement existing occupational therapy services provided to assist with achieving independence and wellbeing.

Our specialist service include:

For further information on how an occupational therapist can help children or young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder (DCD) or Down's syndrome, please browse the pages below.

Please follow the normal referral procedure to access any of our specialist services (see 'referrals' tab at the top of the occupational therapy services for children and young people page).