Digital assistive technology

Our digital assistive technology service supports children and young people who require communication aids and/or technology equipment to facilitate participation in communication, learning and play activities, also including recording work effectively in the classroom.

We follow a multi-professional approach, primarily involving an occupational therapist, with specialist knowledge of digital assistive technology and equipment, who works with the child’s therapy team, educational professionals, and the child’s family.


The specialist occupational therapist will assess the child’s functional difficulties in order to make a decision on what specialist equipment will best meet their needs. Other relevant people involved with the student (ie teacher, therapists, family, etc) will be invited to attend and contribute to this assessment. The assessment will be carried out in the most natural and relevant place for the child (ie home, school, clinic, etc) and several assessment sessions may be required before a decision is made.


We aim to provide a child’s family or school staff with recommendations for appropriate technology equipment, functional goals, training and support after assessment, short-term equipment loans and, where appropriate, possible referrals to external organisations, such as charities or further specialist organisations. Relevant reviews of interventions will be offered, where appropriate, after assessment and intervention has been provided, to keep the technology provision relevant and up to date for the student.

Useful websites

Please see the list below for useful websites that offer adapted activities and free typing resources.

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