Neurodevelopmental follow-up service for premature babies

What is the neurodevelopmental follow-up programme?

The follow up programme is a systematic way of assessing your baby’s development. When a baby is born very prematurely it is important to monitor closely your baby’s developmental progress.

Who is the neurodevelopmental follow-up programme for?

The follow-up programme is for all babies born at less than 29 weeks gestation or weighing less than 1000 grams.

How often will my baby be seen?

Your baby will usually be seen around the following times (term equivalent):

  • 3 months corrected age
  • 6 months corrected age
  • 12 months corrected age
  • 24 months corrected age

We will invite you to bring your child to the children’s out-patient clinic at the Royal Free Hospital to be seen by one of a team of developmental specialists who will assess your child’s development. The assessments involve playful activities, which will be fun for your child and interesting for you as parents. You will be able to see how your child is progressing and have an opportunity to discuss your child’s development. We may recommend some activities for you to do at home. A written report will be provided for parents and others involved in your child’s care.

Does the programme affect my child’s normal medical care?

The developmental examinations in the follow-up programme will complement your child’s general medical care. We aim to liaise with your local hospital or your local children’s services and therefore keep your appointments to a minimum.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with:

Betty Hutchon
Lower ground floor
The Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street

Telephone: 020 7830 2535