Andrology (semen analysis)

The andrology laboratory provides analysis of semen, including concentration in millions/ml, motility, volume, pH and liquefaction. The laboratory service provision is available by appointment only during normal morning working hours.

Quality assurance programmes are in operation to ensure satisfactory accuracy and precision of all tests. Validity of results is dependent on the correct collection and transport of the specimen.

Reports for andrology testing, motility and post vasectomy sperm concentration are issued within two working days.

Download our information leaflet on semen fertility screening tests

Andrology appointments

The andrology service provided by the pathology laboratory at Barnet Hospital is by appointment only. To arrange an appointment with the andrology service please call: 020 3912 0366.

On booking an appointment you will be given a date and time to bring your pre-collected sample in and you will be told where to bring your sample. If you are unsure of what to do or do not understand the instructions, please contact your doctor for advice before collecting the sample.

If you have any other queries, please phone the andrology laboratory on 020 3912 0366.