General information for parents, carers and children/young people

The physiotherapy service for children and young people have a number of useful resources and information sheets with advice and information on frequent topics that we get asked about. We have provided links for useful information on how to support a child or young person for a variety of physiotherapy concerns. We also have a page of useful websites we have found helpful in our practice and that we recommend to families.

These resources and links can all be accessed via this page.

Suitable clothing for assessment

During a physiotherapy assessment the physiotherapist needs to be able to see the joint above and below the area that is causing a problem. It is helpful for children to understand how they need to be dressed for their appointments.

When attending physiotherapy for a hip, knee or ankle issue, patients should wear shorts; for a back, shoulder or arm assessment, patients should wear a vest or sleeveless t-shirt. Babies treated for developmental issues are initially assessed in a nappy and then treated in a vest and nappy.

Physiotherapy goals

Once the physiotherapy assessment has been carried out and the areas where physiotherapy may help are identified, the goals for treatment will be discussed and agreed with the child/young person and their parents. These goals will be reviewed at the end of the treatment block.

Home programme

To ensure success of physiotherapy, home programmes are provided by the physiotherapist. This may be a series of exercises, activities or movements. The physiotherapist will explain why the programme is relevant and how to carry it out. The programme will normally be given in writing but in some cases, a movement sequence can be recorded with a baby on the parent’s phone (video). In addition, the physiotherapist will make recommendations for regular physical activity which will support a child/young person’s function.

Feedback to service

In order to provide a world class service we greatly appreciate your feedback. We strive to provide good and excellent service while delivering the values of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust – positively welcoming, actively respectful, clearly communicating and visibly reassuring. Feedback is essential for best practice and full involvement from our children, young people and their families. Please download and complete our user feedback questionnaire to help us improve our service in the future. You can return the questionnaire to to your therapist.

Questionnaire 1 – Physio experience of service questionnaire - parent

Questionnaire 2 – Physio experience of service questionnaire - children


Physiotherapy appointments are on different hospital sites depending on the service you require. Please read the appointment letter carefully to ensure you know where to go for your appointment.


If you are seeing the physiotherapist for input or physiotherapy assessment, please complete the paediatric occupational therapy/physiotherapy consent form.

You should bring the completed form to your child's appointment. The physiotherapist will also sign the form and then add it to your child's electronic health record.

Young people attending physiotherapy without an adult

Young people over the age of 16 may attend their follow-up physiotherapy appointments without an adult if they have prior written consent from their parent/carer. Parents and carers need to attend the first appointment and to complete a consent form.