Planned investigation treatment unit (PITU)


Day patient medical care at the planned investigation treatment unit, Royal Free Hospital

The planned investigation treatment unit (PITU) at the Royal Free Hospital is a nurse-led unit providing a range of medical treatment and planned investigations. It is for day patients, meaning that patients do not stay overnight, even if they are undergoing surgical procedures. 

We opened a new part of the unit in August 2013 that looks specifically at lung function. The lung function test can be used to diagnose respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD. 

Find out more about lung function tests at the Royal Free London.

Our PITU team also carry out tests for patients with suspected sleep apnoea and those with respiratory muscle weakness who may require treatment during their sleep.

Royal Free London: committed to patient choice and a positive patient experience

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is fully committed to the importance of patient choice. This refurbished extension, along with the existing unit, offers a highly coordinated patient experience, and provides a pleasant setting for patients receiving medical care. We believe in keeping patients and their carers well informed at all times, working with you and your family to care for your needs.


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    Where do I go to receive medical treatment at the unit?

    The main reception for the PITU and lung function services is on the second floor of the Royal Free Hospital. Use the clinic lifts and stairs. These can be found to the right of the main hospital reception desk, at the Pond Street entrance.

    Enquiries: 020 7317 7507 or 020 7794 0500 x 35274

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