During your stay

When you first arrive, you will be directed to a treatment area by a member of the PITU team. You may have a recliner chair, trolley, side room or procedure room depending on the type of treatment you are having.

You will have a named nurse who will look after you, and you may see a doctor or a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) during your stay.

Please note:

  • If you need to have a blood test you may need to wait for results before treatment can be started, or your appointment may need to be rescheduled if you are unfit for treatment.
  • For further information about your treatment or procedure please consult with your specialist team.

Please bring a list of all recent medications you take with you. Also bring along any medications you are currently taking, as we may not be able to supply these during your stay.

Patients should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. You may have to change into a gown if you are having a procedure and this will be provided to you.

As you may be on the unit for several hours please ensure you have things to do. Lots of our patients bring reading material, crosswords, Sudoku etc. Wi-Fi is also available, so you are welcome to bring your iPad, laptop or tablet.

Please be aware we cannot be responsible for any valuables you bring in with you.