FLARRE consortium

Inflammation, tissue repair, scarring and fibrosis (FLARRE) have an essential and important role in the normal biological processes of cells, tissues and organs. They are also involved in some of the most common and severe diseases affecting the general population.

The FLARRE consortium seeks to better understand the processes involved in these disorders in order to facilitate the management and treatment of such debilitating conditions. It unites basic, biomedical and clinical scientists at all levels from across UCL with industrial and international collaborators.

FLARRE aims to highlight research in inflammation, tissue remodelling, scarring and fibrosis, to develop a UCL cluster of expertise and research excellence. This is translated into commercial enterprise, leading to improved patient care.

Find out more about FLARRE on the UCL website.

TeRiFiC consortium

The tissue remodeling and fibrosis research consortium is part of MRC Harwell: an international centre for mouse genetics. More information about the consortium can be found on the MRC mouse network website.