Scleroderma family day 2020

The scleroderma family day is an opportunity for patients, their families and friends to talk with the doctors who look after them, receive education and ask questions about the treatment of their disease.

The next scleroderma family day will be on Saturday 02 May 2020. Take a look at our 2020 programme.

2017 family day talks

Stem cell transplant: Prof Chris Denton roy
Lessons from Sjogrens Syndrome: Dr Elizabeth Price    

Previous family day talks

Vascular disease in the extremities: Dr Ariane Herrick
The gut in scleroderma: Dr Charlie Murray
Treatment of systemic sclerosis: Prof Chris Denton
Factor XIII in scleroderma: Dr Anna Gill
Foot pain in scleroderma: Dr Begonya Alcacer-Pitarch
Emerging therapies for lung fibrosis: Helen Garthwaite
Scleroderma and the kidney: Ed Stern
Research update: Prof David Abraham
Plastic surgery approaches for Raynaud's: Ms Sophia Opel
Stem cell transplant, part 1: Prof Chris Denton
Stem cell transplant, part 2: Prof Chris Denton
Scleroderma and cancer: Dr Voon Ong
International research collaboration: Prof Oliver Distler