Scleroderma family day 2023

Scleroderma Family Day - Saturday 20 May 2023

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Passcode: 225735

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2017 family day talks

Stem cell transplant: Prof Chris Denton roy
Lessons from Sjogrens Syndrome: Dr Elizabeth Price    

Previous family day talks

Vascular disease in the extremities: Dr Ariane Herrick
The gut in scleroderma: Dr Charlie Murray
Treatment of systemic sclerosis: Prof Chris Denton
Factor XIII in scleroderma: Dr Anna Gill
Foot pain in scleroderma: Dr Begonya Alcacer-Pitarch
Emerging therapies for lung fibrosis: Helen Garthwaite
Scleroderma and the kidney: Ed Stern
Research update: Prof David Abraham
Plastic surgery approaches for Raynaud's: Ms Sophia Opel
Stem cell transplant, part 1: Prof Chris Denton
Stem cell transplant, part 2: Prof Chris Denton
Scleroderma and cancer: Dr Voon Ong
International research collaboration: Prof Oliver Distler