Scleroderma research workshop

International workshop on cardiovascular biology and translational medicine

Friday 2nd September 2022, Royal College of Physicians, London


The themes of the 17th workshop focus on the critical areas in cardiovascular biology and translational medicine and include hot topics in cardiovascular biology and pathology including heart failure, COVID-19 and thrombosis, early career presentations on cardiac fibrosis, inherited heart diseases, and endoglin as a novel therapeutic target for cardiovascular disease. Sessions will also cover approaches to therapy in cardiovascular disease encompassing regenerative medicine, gene therapy and advances in understanding the molecular mechanisms in heart failure. The final session is devoted the cerebrovascular and pulmonary vascular disease.

The workshop focuses on appealing to basic, biomedical and clinician scientists at an early stage in their careers and encouraging them to develop a long-term interest in cardiovascular biology and translational medicine. The workshop has been well attended and attracts senior clinicians, clinicians in training, scientists and established PIs and postgraduates, from across several key disciplines and research areas. The environment during the online workshop will encourage discussion and debate and fostered productive interactions. We feel our workshop is unique and provides a forum to engage clinicians and scientists across a broad range of cardiovascular topics, and to attract the best and brightest young investigators.

This exciting programme includes national and international speakers working in key areas relevant to the cardiovascular biology and medicine, in both the experimental setting and in areas of translational biology and clinical trials: Michela Noseda (London), Rafael Kramann (Germany), Beverley Hunt (London), Svetlana Reilly (Oxford), Charlie Scarff (Leeds), Wei Li (Cambridge), Mauro Giacca (London), Ingrid Fleming (Germany), David Montani (France), Allan Laurie and Atticus Hainsworth (London).

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