Hepatitis B vaccinations

Hepatitis is an infection of the liver caused by viruses that can be transmitted through sexual contact, infected blood, semen and vaginal secretions. The symptoms of hepatitis vary, but some patients will suffer jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) and flu-like symptoms.

If you come to our hepatits clinic, we will assess your risk of hepatitis infection by asking questions about your history and lifestyle. If you are at risk, we can screen you for hepatitis B and C. If you are do not have the hepatits infection, but are at risk because of your partner, or if you are HIV positive, we will offer you a vaccination for hepatitis B. There is no vaccination for hepatitis C.

We test for hepatitis at the Clare Simpson Clinic (Barnet Hospital and Edgware Hospital) and the Marlborough Clinic (Royal Free Hospital). If you have HIV, you can also be tested for hepatitis at the Ian Charleson Day Centre.

Testing for hepatitis B

If you have been at risk of hepatitis B, we will give you a blood test. We provide hepatitis B vaccinations for people at increased sexual risk. If you need a hepatitis B vaccination for travel or as a result of your job, you should visit your GP.

Accelerated hepatitis B course

We offer an accelerated hepatitis B vaccine course of three injections over 21 days. Six weeks after the third dose we will give you a blood test to check that the immunisations have worked. You will need a booster injection one or five years later – we will tell you when in the clinic.