HIV testing

If you're worried about HIV, come and visit us. We provide free, confidential testing as well as advice, counselling and treatment for anyone affected by HIV. You can be tested for HIV at the Ian Charleson Day Centre 

Recent exposure

Think you've been exposed to HIV in the last three days (72 hours)? Find out about PEPSE.

Testing for HIV

We offer a fingerprick test that can give you a result in one minute.

If your HIV test is positive we will discuss what to expect with you as well as your treatment options.

After HIV diagnosis

Our patients with HIV can receive treatment at the Ian Charleson Day Centre (ICDC) at the Royal Free Hospital.

If you are diagnosed HIV positive and would like to make an appointment please contact us on 020 375 82029 (Option 1). Our service is open-access, which means that you do not need to be referred to the clinic by a GP or other healthcare professional. We provide a confidential service, which means we will not notify your GP, partner, friends or family without your permission.

Even though there’s still no HIV cure, HIV has become a treatable condition that can be managed throughout a patient’s lifetime using antiretroviral drugs and other HIV treatments. It’s important to diagnose and treat HIV early and continually for the best results – we can help by providing sensitive, non-judgemental and first-rate HIV testing, counselling and treatment for people affected by this life-changing condition.