Inpatient stroke services

The pan-London stroke model was designed to improve outcomes for stroke patients. Designated units were identified to provide hyper acute stroke care across London. The closest hyper acute stroke units can be found at UCLH and Northwick Park Hospitals.

Patients who experience acute strokes are taken to a hyper acute stroke unit. After receiving care at a hyper acute stroke unit, you may be transferred to an acute stroke unit, where patients recovering from a stroke or those requiring longer inpatient stays are cared for. As part of the model, Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital are designated as acute stroke units.

At Barnet Hospital, the acute stroke unit is situated on Spruce ward, which can be found on level 2 of the main building. The unit has 24 inpatient beds. At the Royal Free Hospital, the acute stroke unit is situated on ward 6 South and has 18 inpatient beds. Our units are led by ward managers supported by matrons, all of whom will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Our two stroke units are made up of specialist stroke consultants, experienced stroke nurses and a wide team of allied health professionals who will support you through your stay. It is likely that you will be assessed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychologists. We will set therapy goals with you so that you can chart your progress. Therapy is provided to assist with your recovery and enable you to leave hospital.

Before leaving our hospitals, you will be provided with a booklet explaining more about the local support services you may need.