Within our theatres department, we have a world class recovery team caring for all patients post-operatively until it is safe for them to leave the department, either to a suitable ward bed or home if clinically safe

Barnet Hospital specialises in colorectal surgery, complex general, complex gynaecological surgery, complex orthopaedic surgery (spinal), urology, elective maternity caesarean sections, and endoscopy. 

The hospital is also a centre for paediatric surgery, offering services such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, and paediatric general surgery.

Two theatres on level 2 are run by the labour ward for emergency caesarean sections, and the hospital provides space for community dental surgeons — who are based at the Whittington Hospital — to see patients in Barnet.

The theatres at Chase Farm Hospital consist of two same-sex dedicated admission and day case recovery areas, separate first stage recovery and eight operating theatres.

Four theatres are in the traditional format and the remaining four are in one large area with operating tables in one designated area. Orthopaedic surgery takes place in this theatre area.

Chase Farm Hospital is an elective planned operating site. It includes the following specialties: 

  • orthopedics
  • spinal surgery
  • general and urology
  • gynecology and vascular
  • ophthalmology
  • maxillofacial
  • ear, nose and throat

The hospital also provides a service for Whittington Hospital for dental work and endoscopy as required.

The Edgware Community Hospital's day surgery unit (DSU) is on the ground floor. It comprises of two operating theatres. 

Within the DSU, we perform ocular surgery and pain management treatment options

The theatres consist of 16 operating rooms, including one dedicated to emergency surgery, one liver transplant theatre, endovascular and two dedicated to private practice.

The 1st floor theatres consists of three operating rooms that specialise in hand trauma, gynaecology, and ophthalmology.

Both theatre locations are supported by post-operative recovery wards where patients are able recover from their operation.