Opening times are 8am to 10pm each day

Latest appointment check-in at 9pm.

Urgent alert

  • In busy times, patients may be seen by a triage nurse. They may redirect patients to other appropriate healthcare settings.
  • We see patients in order of clinical needs, not necessarily on arrival time.

What we treat

The urgent treatment centre (UTC) at Chase Farm Hospital is there if you or your child needs medical treatment or advice about a minor illness or injury that is not life-threatening, including:

•    sprains, strains, and broken bones
•    minor burns and scalds
•    minor head and eye injuries
•    bites and stings
•    minor illnesses

It is a walk-in service — you do not need to make an appointment. When you arrive, you will be booked in and then seen by the appropriate healthcare professional.

The aim at the UTC is to see, treat and discharge 95% of patients within two hours of their arrival. At times of high demand, this may not be possible. Patients are always treated in order of clinical need and are asked to be understanding. 

It is open from 8am to 10pm every day, with patients being booked in until 9pm, and is located on the ground floor of Chase Farm Hospital, near the main car park.

There is no emergency department at Chase Farm Hospital. If you require treatment that cannot be managed at the UTC, you will be transferred to either the Barnet Hospital emergency department, or the Royal Free Hospital emergency department.

There is also a UTC at Barnet Hospital.

For more advice on where to seek urgent medical advice, visit the NHS website.

Patients can access the UTC either directly as a walk-in or through their GP.

The UTC does not deal with dental emergencies. Please contact your dentist or find your nearest dentist

If a patient is not fluent in English, it is very helpful if a friend or family member can act as an interpreter for them.