Trust board meetings

Meetings of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust board are held in public. Staff, patients and the public are welcome to attend (but not in person at present – see below) and ask relevant local healthcare questions during the ‘questions from the public’ part of the meeting. The board meetings will take place every other month on the dates listed and for the foreseeable future, will be held virtually in order to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions. Board papers are published on the website approximately three working days prior to the meeting.

There are times when the board will need to consider agenda items that are confidential and cannot be discussed in public. In these situations, the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act) 1960 permits a board of an NHS trust to pass a board resolution at the meeting to exclude the public and members of the media from the meeting.

If you would like to dial in to the trust board meetings, please email the group corporate trust secretary giving your name, telephone number and contact details and we will provide further details.

2022 meetings schedule

Date Time
Wednesday 26 January 2022 9 to 11am
Wednesday 23 March 2022 9.30 to 11am
Wednesday 25 May 2022 9.30 to 11am
Wednesday 27 July 2022 9.30 to 11am
Wednesday 28 September 2022 9.30 to 11am
Wednesday 23 November 2022 9.30 to 11am

A recording of the public meeting held in May 2021 is unavailable due to technical issues on the day.  

Board papers from 2014-2019 can be found in our archived board papers section.

Board meeting papers 2020-2021