Changes to car parking at the Royal Free Hospital

21 July 2017

With work due to commence on the Pears Building, a new medical research centre being built at the Royal Free Hospital, changes are being planned to patient and staff parking at the site. 

The building works mean there will be a temporary reduction of parking places available.

The new building footprint, subject to planning requirements being met, will include what is currently the multi-storey car park, which at the moment is accessed from both the slip road off Rowland Hill Street and Pond Street. The multi-storey car park will be closed on 3 September in order to make preparations for the forthcoming build.

To manage the continued need for car parking an additional 75 places will be made available to patients in the South car park. This will be achieved by reducing the current amount of dedicated staff parking.

There will also be changes to the Lawn Road car park with the small amount of general patient parking stopped and transferred solely to staff parking.

In total there will be an overall temporary loss of 36 patient parking spaces and approximately 60 staff parking places while work takes place. The new building will house a car park.

Jeremy Sharp, director of facilities at the Royal Free Hospital, said: “We are committed to making the space available work effectively for patients and staff and also to carefully monitor traffic flow. 

“We will communicate with patients about the changes. Ideally we would like patients and staff to think again about whether they have to park at the hospital which is very well served by public transport.”

Your questions answered:

How many patient and visitor parking spaces are being lost in the multi-storey car park?

The multi-storey car park will close at the end of the day on Sunday, September 3 2017, as the space needs to be prepared for building works for the forthcoming Pears Building and the 101 spaces will no longer be available.

Will there still be parking on the slip road?

There will but this will only be for a limited time before these spaces are also closed to make way for the building works.

So what is happening to patient parking?

Patients and visitors will be signposted to the upper South car park where 75 places (previously staff car parking) will be made available.

What is the total loss of parking?

There will be an overall loss of 36 patient and visitor parking spaces and approximately 60 fewer staff parking spaces.

Will there be enough patient and visitor parking?

We have always said that we can’t guarantee parking for patients and visitors but we are hopeful that the loss of 36 patient parking spaces will not lead to significant problems. We would encourage patients and visitors to use public transport or drop off/set down facilities instead of car parking. But we recognise this isn’t always possible.

Will there be enough staff parking?

The number of staff permit holders has already been significantly reduced over the last couple of years to help accommodate the loss of staff parking so we believe that there will be enough staff car parking available, but a staff parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space.

Is the division clearly marked between upper and lower South car park?

Yes the car parks are separated by a row of D-Bars and over the weekend of 2/3 September signage will be changed and new signage clearly denoting the zones will be erected. 

Which end is upper and which end is lower South car park?

The top of the hill (near Roland Hill Street entrance) will be upper South car park and the bottom of the hill (near Grove Centre) will be lower South car park.

What about the parking for the haemophilia centre?
Five of the six haemophilia bays for patient parking will remain, and one will be changed to a designated kidney centre space to replace the one that is currently in the multi-storey car park.

Out of hours staff permit holders

Out of hours staff permit holders will be allocated to the upper South car park where patients will park ‘in hours’. This is because their current parking time frames will not overlap with patients.

Staff parking

86 places will remain for staff permit holders in the lower South car park. The spaces will be allocated to full time permit holders to limit movement throughout the day and minimise traffic movements from staff vehicles on the service road and Rowland Hill Street.

Lawn Road car park

The existing six hot spot parking (pre-booked Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital permit holders only), eight Anthony Nolan, and eight Hampstead Group Practice spaces will remain. 

Authorised paid contractor parking will remain in this area.

Patient and visitor parking in this area will cease.

Part-time and community permit holders will have designated parking in Lawn Road car park.