Donations to support our staff

12 January 2021

Once again we are very kindly being offered donations of all kinds to support our incredible staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, this is being co-ordinated by the Royal Free Charity - please visit their website to make a donation.

Alternatively if you are a business and would like to help our staff with donations then please email the Royal Free Charity at

These are the gifts we are currently able to accept:

1.         Sundries: Hand creams, lip balms, bottled water, squash drinks and compression socks.

2.         Chilled meals: produced and packaged by a commercial supplier. We cannot accept non-packaged food, for example homemade food, takeaways or restaurant food.

Please do not deliver items to the sites directly without arranging through; we are unable to accept donations directly and only require specific items at this time.

We would like to thank everyone for their incredible support.