Medicine for members – catch up now

1 March 2023

Our first Medicine for Members' event of the year, ‘Developing a deeper understanding of type 1 diabetes: now and for future generations’, gave a real insight into the amazing work being done at the RFL and beyond to help patients with the condition. You can watch the event here.

Our speakers talked about the work of the clinical teams at the trust, research taking place at the UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation (IIT) and a new national screening programme aiming to identify type 1 diabetes within children as soon as possible.

Dr Miranda Rosenthal, diabetes consultant, Royal Free Hospital, spoke about the history of the discovery of insulin and the work being done by the clinical teams at the RFL to help patients avoid long term complications of type 1 diabetes.

Professor Lucy Walker, chair in immune regulation, IIT spoke about the ground-breaking research taking place and new immunotherapies being developed to help treat patients with type 1 diabetes.

Professor Parth Narendran, professor of diabetes medicine, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy, spoke about the ELSA study. This screening programme is aiming to recruit 20,000 children aged between 3 and 13 across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to explore their chances of developing type 1 diabetes.

Dr Jay Mehta, staff governor and chair of this event, said: 'Thank you to all of our speakers on behalf of our members and the council of governors for your presentations. It was an incredible wide variety of expertise for a fascinating subject’.

Hosted by our governors, Medicine for Members' events showcase topics which are important to staff, patients, and the local community. You can find out more about these on our website.