Patient pays tribute to his ‘Ice Queen’ nurse

8 April 2020

A Covid-19 survivor has praised the care he received at Barnet Hospital and said it was the care of one particular intensive care nurse that helped him win his battle against the virus.

Steve Haywood, an MOT tester from north London, spoke to The Sun newspaper and the trust, to pay tribute to the NHS staff who saved his life.

He said that all the staff had showed utter professionalism, dedication and kindness but it was one very particular act of kindness by Florence Shabangu, who he called his ‘Ice Queen’, that he believed helped him turn the corner.

He described how Florence brought him a zip lock bag full of frozen water which he was able to use to cool down his body and help him with his uncontrollable thirst.

Steve said: “That bag was worth more to me than any bar of gold. It was very scary and there were times I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Florence was amazing – she was always happy and dancing – she totally lifted my spirits.

“We should support our nurses because they are risking their own lives to save us.”

Florence, who has three children and has worked at Barnet Hospital for seven years, said: “I’m so glad that Steve is recovering and that I was able to make a difference. As a nurse I’m always looking for ways to help my patients and if there is something that I can do, I do it. I always feel for the patient and will do anything in my power to help them.”

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