North Central London Start Well programme update

21 June 2023

The long-term North Central London Start Well programme – which aims to ensure we deliver the best care to meet the needs of babies, children, young people, and pregnant women and people – has been carrying out an options appraisal process for maternity, neonates, and paediatric surgical services since late 2022.

This is considering the advantages and disadvantages of different options for delivering these services, compared to current arrangements and will continue into the summer.

To support the options appraisal process, an important piece of research, called the Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA), is underway. The IIA will identify potential impacts from proposed options and consider ways to avoid or minimise any negative impacts on a particular group or community.

Impacts it is considering include health, equalities, travel, sustainability, and digital. The research is drawing on public health analysis, engagement with patients and the public, analysis of data relating to demography, deprivation and access, and an equality impact assessment.

You can read more on the NCL health and care website