A 12-year-old boy who collapsed while taking his SATS last year and was cared for by staff at Barnet Hospital has raised £1,125 for the Royal Free Charity to say thank you.

Alfie, who lives in Barnet, rollerbladed 100 km in the streets, communal gardens and garage areas near his home, starting on 23 April and ending during “the clap” for NHS workers on 14 May.

“I was inspired by Captain Tom Moore,” said Alfie, who was born at the Royal Free Hospital. “The staff at Barnet looked after me so well when I was taken ill last year, I thought I’d help the charity’s Covid-19 emergency fund for the staff.”

Alfie, who had a gastrointestinal infection, ended up on a drip but soon recovered and went on to pass the rest of his exams with high marks

“I did the last 50 metres clapping for our amazing carers, and the atmosphere was amazing. It's been a tough challenge, but nothing compared to what the NHS staff are going through, so I'm proud to be able to help in this way,” he added.

You can help Alfie increase his amazing total at his Just Giving page and find out how we’re putting his and all our other donors’ great generosity to good use at the Royal Free Charity's website.