Black and white baby face

If you are attending antenatal clinics at Barnet Hospital or Edgware Hospital over the coming weeks you might notice adverts for a BBC 2 series, ‘The nine months that made you’.

This major new documentary series follows the incredible process of development in the womb from conception to birth. It will chart the extraordinary transformation that happens day by day as a baby grows, highlighting the key moments that shape the person they will eventually become. 

As part of the series the BBC would like to follow expectant mothers whose babies are due in May, June or July this year and who have chosen to give birth at Barnet Hospital. They are looking for mothers who would be willing to share their milestones as their pregnancy progresses, all the way to the birth itself. 

If you are at all curious about the project please contact the BBC directly on 07841 345 138 or email They will be able to give you information about the series and answer any questions you might have.

Your decision to take part in the series or not in no way affects your care at the Royal Free London.