The Royal Free London (RFL) will take centre stage on national TV when a special edition of the BBC documentary Hospital is broadcast on Monday 11 May and Tuesday 12 May.

A two-part edition of the award-winning programme called Hospital: Fighting COVID-19 will shine a light on the work of staff at Barnet Hospital (BH) and the Royal Free Hospital (RFH) and the experience of the patients we have been treating and their families.

Filmed during a three-week period in March and April when the virus was hitting its peak, the documentary captures the challenges facing the RFL and the incredible care provided to our patients and their families.

From the work of our renal unit at the RFH and the treatment of the last patient to have a transplant before the service was halted, to our care for a 73-year-old at BH who is struggling with his oxygen levels, the documentary provides an insight into our response to the extraordinary challenge of COVID-19.

The programme, which is regularly viewed by more than two million people, will be broadcast on BBC Two at 9pm on 11-12 May.

Emma Kearney, RFL group chief communications officer, said: “We, like every other part of the NHS and social care, are living through an extraordinary moment in our history and I felt it essential that this was captured. We believed that by working with the BBC and Label 1, the company behind Hospital, we could really tell our story.”

Patrick Holland, the controller of BBC Two, said: "Hospital is one of the most important series on BBC Two, offering the audience unique access to the challenges of frontline healthcare in the UK.  I believe it to be vital public service broadcasting and central to the BBC’s mission.

"We feel so privileged to have been allowed into the Royal Free London, at a time of national emergency, to document the remarkable work of their teams.  I hope the finished films reflect the challenges and complexities faced by staff during this extraordinary time."

Emma added: “Although it was filmed at our trust, I have been conscious that it is an opportunity to show the work taking place in every hospital in the UK – and in fact the world.

“We are privileged to work in healthcare and proud of all our NHS colleagues, whether they work in a care home, GP surgery, smaller hospital or specialist centre. This documentary captures a small sample of the amazing work going on across the NHS and health and social care every day.”