UPDATE, 1 December 2022:

Metroline strikes planned for 1-3 December have been suspended. There are strikes on these dates:

Thursday 1 to Saturday 3 December (Abellio only)
Thursday 8 December (Abellio only)
Friday 9 December (Abellio and Metroline)
Saturday 10 December (Metroline only)
Thursday 15 December (Abellio only)
Friday 16 December (Abellio and Metroline)
Saturday 17 December (Metroline only)

Routes affected for each operator are listed below. Other services not affected by strikes will be busier than normal.

On the days after strikes, a good service will be running by approximately 06:00.

Plan ahead and check your travel.

Check the TfL strike page for more information.

If you are visiting one of our hospitals during this period - please continue to check your travel and plan ahead.