On Wednesday 6 April an audience of Cancerkin supporters was transported to Verona with thanks to Pop-up Opera and the composer Vincenzo Bellini, where we were plunged into the tragedy of the warring families of Montecchi and Capuleti. The love between Romeo (Flora McIntosh) in a bomber jacket and thrilling mezzo voice and Juliet's (Clementine Lovell) soaring soprano in black leggings and top brought us back to 21st century urban life and to the edge of our seats. All the singing was of extraordinary power and beauty; the piano playing by Berrak Dyer was brilliant and the direction (by James Hurley), with limited props, created that total engagement of all the senses which makes opera the supreme art form – when, as on 6 April, it all works.

Comments from the audience:

"I just wanted to say what a great event you organised last night! The opera was terrific and the whole evening really enjoyable – I hope you're basking in your success!"

“This was the first opera I have ever seen. What an amazing introduction to a stunning art form. I shall continue my opera education by following Pop-up Opera to whatever venue they go to.”

“Thank you Cancerkin for introducing me to something my parents have been trying to do for years. I didn’t realise opera singers could be so young!”

"Juliet's 'death' scene was really moving. I've seen the Cs and Ms live two or three times and that was the production to beat."

The final player not to be forgotten is the RFH auditorium: wonderful acoustic and sightlines. It should be used more for more opera and Cancerkin promise to bring back Pop-up Opera again. I for one can’t wait!